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Corporate social responsibility in Gunung Mas, Indonesia

Corporate social responsibility in Gunung Mas, Indonesia
  • Name: Dian Anggraeni
  • Title: Project Coordinator of Governance
  • Organisation: Yayasan Tambuhak Sinta/Tambuhak Sinta Foundation
  • Country: Republic of Indonesia
  • Programs participated in:

    Regional Development and Mining, Philippines 2015

    Indonesia Alumni Day 2015 (master facilitator)

    SDIMI International Conference, Canada 2015 (presenter, sponsored by IM4DC)

Corporate social responsibility in Gunung Mas, Indonesia

Dian works for Yayasan Tambuhak Sinta/Tambuhak Sinta Foundation (YTS), a development foundation based in the natural-resource-rich Indonesian province of Kalimantan.

Gunung Mas district, where YTS operates, has a population of 154,000 with over 80 mining companies, 21 palm oil companies and 11 forestry companies.

YTS, through its Governance Project supported by Ford Foundation and ASEAN CSR Network (ACN), is conducting a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Policy Advocacy study in order to map out the CSR contribution from mining, plantation, and forestry companies and to provide recommendations for policy improvement on CSR.

Dian’s involvement in IM4DC and MEfDA activities has helped her in coordinating this study by providing her with a “better analysis of the current situation of extractive industries globally especially mining including governance aspects, good practices, new challenges and opportunities and a network for information sharing”.

“The study highlighted the importance of long term commitment. The fact that problems result from short term, uneven funding of CSR either creating high dependency or too much demand from the community and others. “

A recommendation of the CSR study is participatory approaches for developing CSR, provision of multi-stakeholders forums that are carefully facilitated and take in to account the capacity deficiencies in some of the stakeholder groups. An initial workshop was held in December 2014 to share the study findings. The workshop provided high profiles resource persons such as District Head of Bojonegoro from Eastern Java who shared good practices of CSR management such as participatory approaches and inclusive decision making.

At the workshop, there was a consensus by government, mine affected communities, and mining, plantation, and forestry companies to design a series of policy changes, organise multi-stakeholders forums, and conduct a need assessment for capacity building for effective management and sustainablity of CSR.

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