Advancing inclusive and sustainable economic growth and social development through minerals and energy

The Minerals and Energy for Development Alliance aims to assist emerging resource economies to grow their mineral and energy sectors to deliver inclusive and sustainable economic growth and social development.

It achieves this by building capacity in resource governance through education and training programs, leadership development activities, coordination of a global network of alumni and experts and supporting applied analysis and research. The benefits of these activities for developing nations are realised principally through increased skill levels of key personnel within government, universities, research institutions and civil society organisations and greater institutional capacity.

Improved capacity enables countries to reform policies, regulation and processes, and improve oversight of all phases of the mining and energy life cycles. By adopting leading practice approaches to resource governance and sustainability, nations are better able to attract responsible investment, achieve broad-based and equitable returns and enhance the interests of communities and the environment.

In partnership with implementers, co-investors, participating governments, international donors, aid agencies and global institutions, the Minerals and Energy for Development Alliance will continue building on the considerable achievements of the former International Mining for Development Centre in tailored education and training, research, alumni and industry engagement and institutional linkages.

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